Neighborhood Alerts FAQs

Q: I’m subscribed to an alert, but not receiving any. What’s going on?

A: Some alerts only happen once in a while, and not all alerts have data coverage in all areas of the United States yet, but we’re adding more all the time. We recommend you stay subscribed.

Q: I am no longer at the same address with which I subscribed. How do I change it?

A: You have two options
  1. Sign-in to and you will land on your dashboard page. There is a change address link next to the address.
  2. On any Alert you receive to your inbox, there is an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. Click it and unsubscribe from all alerts for your account. Then, proceed to and sign-in again and setup your new address.

Q: I think the information I received in an Alert or on an Alert page is incorrect. Can it be fixed?

A: No. Neighborhood Alerts sources all of our data from 3rd parties, and we do not have the ability to change it.

Q: Can I change the geographic area for which I get alerts from around my home?

A: Neighborhood Alerts uses a “smart” system that ensures each alert is about an event that occurred in the relevant proximity to your home. The relevant proximity cannot be changed at this time.

Q: In the alerts I see 'distance from my home'. How is that calculated?

A: This calculation is done as a line between two points, or 'as the crow flies'. So, it will differ from the distance it might take to drive between your home and the alert event.
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